Complete Painting & Decorating Service

Terry and his team can paint the exterior as well as the interior of buildings, including residential, commercial and industrial, school or college and retail premises. They also offer a wallpapering service.

Each member of the team is a fully-trained, qualified and experienced tradesman and there’s a Queensland Building and Construction Commission-licensed supervisor for each job or project.

The team has an in-depth and extensive knowledge of decorating products and their applications; each job involves premium products and clients receive touch-up paint upon completion.

After completion, the premises are cleaned up to leave no trace of the work (other than the new paint, of course!).

Roof restoration and repainting

Roof restoration work starts with a pressure wash with a 13hp petrol gurney, followed by the application of an anti-mould barrier, a sealer and two top coats.

Terry and the team can also recoat pergolas and decking, as well as fences and gates.

All work is 100% guaranteed and is under a 5-10 year manufacturer warranty.

If you’re interested in any of the services, call for a free, no-obligation quote.